Katica was born in 1946, pharmaceutic direction, in pension, spent all her working time in the Hospital "Sestre Milosrdnice", department of Nuclear medicine, Zagreb, Vinogradska street.
Tarik was born 1945 in Zagreb, mechanical technician, in pension with 38 years of employment in the metal industry.
Parents of daughter Vanesa, born in 1968, employed, and son Goran, born in 1974, employed, Grandson Borna, born in 2002, pretends them a special pleasure in moments of rest.
Both Katica and Tarik are active in household tourism since 2001.

If you need an accomodation, and want to feel all the calmness of nature, greenness overfilled with birds, you have to come to us and be our guests, for that is the only way you can fill your soal, and retourn to past peacefull times.

Katica and Tarik, vaši hostitely