In the nearest surroundings (not far then 300 meters):

- walk and cross by the brook Štefanovec
- walk and cross in the park Dotršcina (5 km of arranged tracks)
- tennis in the nearby tennis court on open and in the baloon (150 meters far from us)
- football on artificiall grass - outdoor & indoor (300 meters far from us)
- football on childrens playground across "Quiet night"
- sauna, solarium, massage & fitness in both nearby centre's (300 meters far from us)
- manege - school of riding on the ranch "Alma's horseshoe" (1000 meters from us)

PARK-WOODS - especially valuable district of nature

On the territory of city of Zagreb among all are park-woods: park Presidential court - Jelenovac - Vrhovec, park-woods of the center (Tuškanac - Dubravkin put - Cmrok - Jurjevska, Rokov perivoj, Zelengaj, Kraljevec, Pantovčak, Prekrižje, Mirogoj - Miroševečina.

Nearness of tennis court (, football field, childrens playground, promenade by Štefanovec brook and in park-wood Dotršćina, manege - school of riding on the ranch "Almas horseshoe" in Čret will help you recreate and rest after a hard day.

We recommende a visit to the Park of nature Medvednica ( and to the Zoo ( also nearby the apartments. Sport centre "Mali dom" with its football fields on artificial grass, tennis courts, fitness centre and caffe bar is only 500 meters far from us. The clinical hospital ( and Police academy are only 1500 meters far.